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In May 2010, my son Steven and I were driving home one day, and as we turned onto our street,  (about a mile from our home)  I noticed two peacocks on the shoulder of the road.  Both seemed to be upset and lost.  I immediately thought they were ours and actually called out their names as I told Steven to stop the car.  I asked myself, what on earth are they doing so far from home, since mine typically do not stray more than the next door neighbors yard.  I thought it was Baby Huey and his mom Sage.  I began using my signature call of "Here Chickie Chickie Chickies".... and both ran towards me.  This was a good sign and I kept walking in the road calling them as I started heading home.  Steven also began calling them and they began following him, so I drove the car home and waited at the entry gate to the property.  About the time the two got to the gate, all the residents of Peacock Paradise came to greet me, and as I ushered the two in, I realized, Sage and Baby Huey were standing in front of me!
Who were the two that just followed us home?  Who was this "Mystery Pair"  that I just ushered onto my property?  I was totally stumped, especially since I know of no one else remotely close to my home that has peacocks.  I also phoned several neighbors and asked what they thought, and they too were baffled over the mystery pair that just appeared out of nowhere.  
Over the next several days, the two seemed to acclimate rather well.  However, they both would disappear now and then, but return periodically for food and water.  One is a young male because he still has spots on his chest, and the other a female.  I am not sure if the peahen is the mother or sister, however, the young male does seem to follow the peahens every move.  Mystery Boy is doing very well a month later.  He, Baby Huey and Hermit are a threesome and totally inseparable now, even though the two sibling boys gave him a very hard time initially. A month later he and the other two peacocks have lost all their spots.  I guess they are teenagers now!  
I saw Mystery Girl mating  with Prince, subsequently she was nesting for 28 days and would only come around for a quick bite to eat about once a week.  Eventually she brought home one tiny little peachick.  We tried to corral her into the nursery pen but she would have no part of it, so we let her free roam with her chick.  Unfortunately, the chick disappeared after only a few days.  We looked but could not find it.  She was visibly upset for several days, but seems to be back to normal.  For now, I have no pictures of "mystery girl", since she stays away from us.  When she becomes a little more accustomed to us and feels more comfortable, I will take some photos and add here.  For now, I just want her to relax and feel safe but she seems to be wandering between two homes.  Where is her second home???

I laughed to myself recently thinking, how cool is it to think that peacocks from all over.....  are heading to Peacock Paradise! 

Here's mystery boy (photo taken July 10th, 2010)