Peacock Paradise
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 It takes a village!

Friends and Family gather to help me make my dream come true.  The original pen was actually two prefabricated dog pens that were attached to make one large enclosure.  We raised the roof to about 10' so the peacocks would have room to perch.  So many changes were made later.  The only thing that remained was the location which turned out to be a good spot.  Lots of shade trees, quiet area by the horse pasture and away from the house.

A Few Modifications...

Wood lattice was added at the top and bottom over wire to prevent entry by predators. (Squirrels still manage to squeeze in) Panels were added at the top as well as bamboo screening to give more protection from inclement weather.  Lots of plants were also put in and around the pen since the peacocks like to nap under big leafy plants.  They also like to eat the tiny red flowers on these particular plants.

Finally, a comfy, safe nursery!

After a lot of trial and error, we finally have a suitable place for the Peahens and chicks for their first few months.   I planted some of their favorite flowering plants inside to eat, and placed palm fronds around to mimic their natural surroundings.   They seem to like the space which will be used as temporary housing for the chicks.  Eventually, they will be let out during the day and rounded up back in at night when they reach about 3 months old.