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Prince is the alpha male at Peacock Paradise. He is an impressive breeder, patient father, and has a wonderful temperament and friendly disposition.  

I bought Prince in 2006

The previous owner kept Prince and his mate in a large outdoor pen when an unknown predator killed the Peafowl and her first clutch one night, but Prince was lucky to have survived. From what I hear from others that have raised Peacocks, as well as my own personal experience, it seems predators (dogs, raccoons, possum) are the biggest threat to the Peacock population.  

In the trees; Dusk to Dawn

Prince had been housed in a large outdoor pen his entire life by his previous owner.  When I brought Prince home, I initially kept him in a pen for a short period of time (a few weeks) until he became used to his surroundings and me. Prince has enjoyed free roaming on the property ever since. 

Prince is by far my most favored Peacock

Not only is he absolutely gorgeous but he has the most wonderful temperament, is patient and nurturing to his offspring and incredibly protective of the entire group.  
If there is a strange noise anywhere on the five-acre property, he will make a mad dash towards the sound and loudly yell until the noise subsides. I have actually seem him run after and catch a hawk that had swooped in and caught a dove it took into the bushes.  I could not believe how aggressively he pursued what he perceived to be a threat to Peacock Paradise.