Peacock Paradise
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      Everyone enjoying Peacock Paradise                       My window view.... sunbathing adults                        Gordon & the Peacocks......he's been trained well!


                                         My main guy....Prince!                                                          

Fond memories of JoJo & Delay.

 I incubated and hand raised these siblings in 2008. After JoJo went missing, Delay became very despondent & cried out constantly for her brother....

She went to a good home in June 2010 & now has a new partner & is doing well


My little pal "Twitter"

 Last year Cameo hatched  2 chicks.  As I was about to clean away the egg shells from her nest, I noticed one had not opened....within the hour, out popped Twitter ! ...
But, he was too late and Cameo would not accept him.  He was the only hand raised chick I had last year & since he had no siblings to keep him company, he cried constantly, unless he was with me. 

I tried to integrate little Twitter into the Peacock population, but he was picked on so badly that I eventually took his  siblings one day to keep him company. 
When I tried to put them back with Cameo,  she would not accept them...  I was devastated and felt horrible that I had disrupted her family.   
Here I am with Twitter and siblings when they were about 10 weeks old.  As you can see, we love our little chicks and become very attached!   (My son Steven on the right, helping me with baby Twitter when only a few days old.)  Twitter and siblings were part of our family.  It was totally devastating when all three chicks were killed by a predator in the Peacock Pen in the middle of the day.  Something actually chewed through the chicken wire.  Letting go is hard....But then I've learned that it's the other part of  "getting attached".... A real life lesson ....  


I purchased this ole' guy when I bought Cameo because of the horrific conditions they were living in.  There were 4 - 5 full grown peacocks in a cage no bigger than 4 x 5x 10.  It was an awful way to live for 9 years!!!!  When I brought the two home, Cameo  adjusted very well quickly, maybe because she was only 2 years old.  Marquis never discovered he could fly and I worried about him sleeping on the ground many, many nights.  He hung out mostly by himself as you can see him in the picture above on the right.  This was "his space" and he usually never roamed too far from this space except at night.  The other peacocks would go and visit him, other than that, he kept to himself.  One day last year, someone left the gate open to the property and he apparently wandered off the property and I never saw him again.  I do however, receive peace knowing that his last few years were probably the best years of his life.  I treated him like a king and would constantly bring him treats as you can see him enjoying above.  He finally had freedom and a beautiful space to roam.  Sometimes I dream that he is somewhere safe and I will see him again.
                  2010 Chicks -about a week old....exploring outside for the 1st time.......        2009 - Sage and her 2 chicks  in the trees for the night.