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Buddy was given to me along with his sister Missy a few years back by a lady who hand raised both.  She spoiled both as I spoil my own so I was happy to take them.  Missy was killed a few years later by an unknown predator while nesting.  Buddy was quite despondent for sometime after Missy's demise.  Last breeding season Buddy witnessed a predator killing the baby chicks in the Peacock Pen.  Subsequently, Buddy became extremely aggressive when anyone approached the area.  He actually attacked me, drawing blood, on more than one occasion.  He attacked my son and a friend as well.  After researching aggressive behavior online, the most common reason for aggressiveness seemed to be associated with Peacocks coming into season and maturation.  Both applied to Buddy.  We finally decided to stay clear of Buddy until the end of breeding season and we nicknamed him "Nutty Buddy"!  We will give Buddy a chance to change his disposition........I'll keep everyone posted!