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CHONG.....    (waiting for laundry?)
I think this picture says it all about Chong! I've had him since 2006 and purchased him along with Sage & Prince.  He and his sister were 3 months old when I got them, so they are super relaxed and certainly know this is home!  Chong will eat from my hand, come in the house freely if there is even a slight crack in the door.  He is very, very cool!  2010 is his first mating season....and I've watched him sneaking around behind Prince's back to court the Peahens successfully.  But for the most part, he stays away from the Hens when Prince is around.


2009 Winter- Cheech & Chong sunbathing on the Picnic table enjoying another day at Peacock Paradise. Both are 2 years in this photo. Like most siblings, they were totally inseparable until Cheech had her first hatchling June 1st, 2010. (You can see photos of she and the peachick under 2010 hatchlings.)
      Cheech and Chong at about a year old