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Without a care in the world, roaming the grounds ....& enjoying the space..
free at last !

Cameo lived her entire life in a small cage (8 x 4) with 4 other peacocks. The conditions I found her in were very sad so it made me really happy to bring her home to Peacock Paradise where she has flourished!  

2009 - Cameo with her first clutch.
She hatched two and one was a little late so I brought it inside and hand raised it.  I named him Twitter and will tell you more about him later.  Unfortunately, a predator got to the babies when they were about 3 months old.  

2009 - Cameo proudly parades her two little peachicks for me.  
This year (2010)  she is sitting on her second nest with 5 eggs.  I'm wishing her better luck this year.
*Good News!  Cameo hatched 2 babies this year.  You can see them in the photo album of the webpage.