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2011 Update: 
Nutty Buddy
This year after I received a second major attack from Buddy, my son took it upon himself to pack up Buddy & relocate him to another home.  Last I heard he had escaped and has not been seen for a few months. All I can say is "Adios Buddy"!

Angel & one of her brothers
She and her 3 brothers are doing really well.  She is so beautiful!

Group Snack
It's rare to get them all together, however, when I let the dogs out in the morning, they have gotten used to a little snack and all come running.


Baby Fancy Chickens (April 2011)
Look at these faces... I could not resist when I went to Tractor Supply to pick up feed.  We bought 7 and really enjoyed them.  However, after one by one was killed in the pen I finally discovered the culprit was a bobcat which I saw as I was on the Tractor mowing the grass one day.  I have one Rhode Island Red left and every evening she comes to the back door exactly at 8:00pm and I put her on the lanai in a dog crate filled with straw & then I let her out in the morning.  It's amazing how attached I have become to her.  She seems to be doing fine with the peacocks, but I would like to get her another companion hen. 

Spotted Peahen
What a hoot!  Out of nowhere came a group of peahens during breeding season.  They strolled up one day stayed a while, but seem to come and go.  Among the group of 7 -9  is a very unusual spotted peahen.  I believe they probably heard the males and followed the calls.  
Peacock looking at BooBoo
Lazy Boo, resting on the Lanai after a long night of ...."sleeping"?  As she sleeps, look outside at the peacock checking her out.  Too funny...