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           June 1, 2010-  Proud Cheech & her first peachick

6/7/10-  It took 3 years....
but I finally got a white peachick! 
Meet Angel~ (#2)
          Angel, less than a week old


         Cameo and her two chicks at about 5weeks old.


        My son, Steven, playing with the chicks. July 2010


Beau, one of my students, getting a lesson on Peacock handling.
This is a bittersweet photo of Angel #1 & Angel #2.  The first white peachick was actually from Cameo's clutch of 3.  When we found her nest, two had already hatched but this little guy was having a hard time pipping out of is shell.  I brought him in to the incubator and helped him out of his shell.  But , I could tell he was having a hard time.  He was not alert, strong, nor had an appetite.  I put him back in the incubator when his breathing became very light.  Within a few minutes, miraculously, the next chick to hatch was also white, but, as he hatched and grew strong, Angel #1 slipped away.   Luckily 2 months later, Angel #2 is doing fine.



June 8th, 2010-  This little peachick needed some help.

After 2 days of pipping, I finally gave "mother nature" a helping hand.

The little guy in the back is actually the same one in the picture above.

Both hatched on June 8th, 2010.  There are a total of 4 peachicks in this clutch which were the eggs I saved in the middle of the night when a predator attacked the nest. Thankfully, I am a light sleeper or I would not have been able to enjoy these little angels!

Can it get any cuter than this?


I take the chicks out during the day so they can get fresh air, sun, and get to know the other peacocks that visit them.  Notice they also have some fresh green sprouts from bird seed to eat as well.  They love it ! The enclosure is about 5 x 4 x 4 and is placed in the middle of the banana trees.

Cheech and her chick who is about 2 months in this photo taken 7/3/10

 Safe & sound in the large heated cage ~ The 4 chicks I am hand raising, here at 1 month old.


7/24/10- My babies at 6 weeks old.  They have interesting coloring already.